Our Latest Model & Talent Briefs

Here are a few of the latest casting briefs for which we would love to find additional Models and Talent. Refer your family and friends! If you’re currently registered with Ozone Management and you match one of these briefs, don’t worry, we’ve submitted your portfolio to client already! 

Friends and family can either complete the online Model and Talent Enquiry or contact us directly. Click on a brief to see further detail including fees (if available).

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Talent Role Age Ethnicity Special Notes
Athletes - Runners 20 -38 years East African. Kenyan Must be a real runner
Freckled Woman 25 - 30 years Caucasian Light skinned, freckled woman
Young Asian Girl 4 - 6 years Asian
Lead Man 25 - 30 years Caucasian Good performer, likeable guy
Partygoers 25 - 35 years Caucasian Confident, likable guys & girls
Babies 5 - 16 months Caucasian, Cappuccino Caucasian babies to have dark hair
Child Models 4 - 12 years Caucasian ,Cappuccino Confident outgoing children, potential models
Couple 55 - 65 years African American, Hispanic Confident
Surfer Dude 18 - 26 years Caucasian
Niece 7 - 10 years Caucasian, Indian, Middle Eastern Sweet child
Mother 50 - 55 years Caucasian, Indian, Middle Eastern Genuine, warm & friendly face
Grandfather 70 - 80 years Caucasian, Indian, Middle Eastern Warm & Friendly
Patient 20 - 25 years Caucasian, Indian, Middle Eastern Not too groomed, slightly messy, not a model
Priest 50 - 60 years Caucasian Serene & traditional
Magicians 25 -40 years Caucasian ,Cappuccino Must be able to do tricks
Dancers 18-30 years All Races Confident with great skills
BMW Biker 18-30 years All Races Half pipe expert
Lead Guy 20 - 25 years All Races Cool dude, sporty but not a model, Good actor
Child Actors 9 - 12 years All Races Kids with a real interest in acting for roles in Feature Films shot in SA, Confident, able to take direction
Friends 25 - 30 years All Races Cool, Hip, Interesting Faces