Our Latest Model & Talent Briefs

Here are a few of the latest casting briefs for which we would love to find additional Models and Talent. Refer your family and friends! If you’re currently registered with Ozone Management and you match one of these briefs, don’t worry, we’ve submitted your portfolio to client already! 

Friends and family can either complete the online Model and Talent Enquiry or contact us directly. Click on a brief to see further detail including fees (if available).

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Talent Role Age Ethnicity Special Notes
Mom 35- 40 Years Caucasian
Young Boy 3-5 Years Caucasian, Multi Ethnic Interesting looking kids. Dark haired kids
Male Model 40+ years Caucasian Grey hair
Child Model 4-9 Years Caucasian Cute & Playful
Mom 50-60 Years Multi Ethnic
Young Elevator Lady 27-32 Caucasian
Horseriders 14 - 15 years All Races Must be very competent riders. Please WhatsApp video clip to 081 481 4008
Teen Models 155 - 158 cm Caucasian ,Cappuccino Good skin. Long hair is great
Child Models 3-4 years Caucasian Modern, fresh, sweet kids, preferably no short hair, slightly longer is great!
Farmer 40 - 50 years Caucasian Should look like a farmer, friendly warm smile
Twins 65-75 years Caucasian
Steve's Son 5-8 Years Caucasian
Parents 25-35 Years African
Steve 25-40 Caucasian
Son 6-8 Years African Must be confident and speak well
Gymnast 10-12 Years Caucasian
Girl & Boy 4 - 5 years All Races
Skater Boy 10 - 12 years All Races Fit and strong
Gymnast 10 -12 years All Races Sporty, pretty