Yes there is money to be made, but it will depend on how seriously you are going to take things.  Not only will you earn when you are confirmed on a commercial, but commercials can go on to giving you recurring income – sometimes for several years!  But being serious means that you have a part to play such as;


  •  responding when the agency calls or messages
  • attending the majority of the auditions on offer
  • arriving at auditions (castings) on time
  • listening and taking direction from casting directors
  • working on your performance through performance training
  • ensuring that your portfolio is updated regularly



While you are working, attending to family commitments or generally just doing life, Ozone Management;


  • manages your portfolio on several industry systems, web and social media sites
  • markets you directly to the relevant casting directors, advertising and production clients
  • notifies you of suitable castings/auditions for your specific look and performance ability
  • reminds you when portfolio updates are due to ensure marketability


  • ensures that you receive casting details, options, shoot dates and wardrobe details when you are booked
  • ensures that you are booked at the correct fee
  • ensures your rights when it comes to work hours, treatment on set and that legislation is adhered to
  • administers job contracts and tracks commercial renewals on your behalf
  • administrates invoicing and payments
  • assists in the procurement of the relevant tax documents – both local and international


Ozone Management consider all our Models and Talent to be family. People are our business and we CARE! With over 20 years’ experience in the film industry, we can assist and advise on;


  • performance development 
  • specialised training 
  • the correct type of portfolio for your look
  • your potential and best area of promotion 

Are you ready to take the next step?